Mother of four on rocking ground...
Comes out as a designer of childrens swings and other childrens furniture.

After having gone through several useless types of swings for their children, the family Kløve finally had enough. Malene Kløve - mother of four and entrepreneur - got creative herself and is now able to introduce the prototype for the Wave Generation Swing. She has payed importence to high quality, timeless design and durability. The swing is made of teak and can be found in shops.

Malene Kløve has several more childrens furniture lined up. She has designed various styles of furniture, and enjoys life as an entrepreneur.

A great design for children should be made with children in mind and tested by children. It needs to be attractive and blend into the overall style of the home. It also needs durability allowing it to be used again and again, says Malene Kløve, mother of four children aged 1 - 11. We have not managed to find a agreat quality swing made of wood for the children which would be long lasting. That is why I chose to design a swing myself. A swing with durability that blends into the overall look of the garden.

Malene Kløve has a background in creative designing in a P.R. company. Today she concentrates on her project as an artist as well as working as Key Account Manager on the local papers in Djursland.

Marketing is an area wellknown to me, she laughs, but it has been difficult finding qualified partners in Denmark for the production.

The prototype of the Wavw Generation Swing is handmade, following age-old carpentry traditions and carefully chosen materials.My products will ooze Danish design and quality like we know it from the immortal furniture architects from the 50ies and 60ies.

Even though Malene Kløve has moved into a new field she knows that she will get far with common sense and positive thinking. She has spent many hours working on a businessplan, finanses and marketing.

I know myself and I know that I will regret it when I am 90 years old if I did not take the plunge, she says looking satisfied. When things come
together and you strongly believe that your finished product will stand out and make a difference, others will too.

Malene Kløve is planning to make more childrens furniture in the future - the Tandem-Swing, a table, a chair and a shelving unit. The drawings are in - now she needs the prototypes made - all in the characteristic Wave-style.

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